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Whether you aspire to a cat 3 racer, want to prevent getting dropped on club rides, or are realistic about cardio fitness; we all train. Hey, some people say a big difference between NYCC and 5BBC is that we actually train. Just sayin.

As a concept, training is a region to which we all aspire. It encompasses the temple of sweat, the hubris of righteousness, and the borders of mortality. This region was created to present options of training venues you might have overlooked.

Traditionally, those in Manhattan do loops of Central Park’s Drive while Brooklynites ride Prospect Park.

We all like everything River Road has to offer.

9W to Piermont and Nyack offers a wide shoulder for pacelining, riding tempo or intervals, while eyeing with your power meter. It gives you options on your River Road ride in either direction. 

The Hills of Northern Manhattan, a recent addition to the Ride Library, offers hill climbs without crossing motor traffic and the added time and hassle of crossing the GW Bridge. Yes, there are a few crosswalks, and people can walk out between parked cars. Glass is not uncommon on Fort George Hill, but these are possible hazards just riding to the bridge on your way to River Road.

Hill repeats of Bear Mountain are the cat's meow of NYCC. Do 3 and feel exalted. 

Let us not forget the Hudson River Greenway, a venue that ranges from being stuck in traffic during amateur hour to 10 miles of quality tempo.

The list is a work in progress. If you have a training route of merit, but not on the list, let us know.

HS 10/24/21

Name Level(s) Distance Difficulty Rating
The Hills of Northern Manhattan B, C 8.7 4 out of 5
The Knot A 62 4 out of 5
The Knot (75th Anniversary) A, B 63 4 out of 5
Bear Mtn for everyone - shortest access and for hill repeats A, B, C 20 4 out of 5
Central Park A, B, C 6.1 3 out of 5
Prospect Park A, B, C 3.4 3 out of 5
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