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Tarrytown Metro North station(start)> Franklin St> Riverview Av> Tappan Landing Rd> Broadway south(or sidewalk if no pedestrians)> MC Bridge> Esposito rail trail north> S Franklin St> North Broadway> Nyack Beach SP, Nyack rail trail> [Rockland Lake>] Haverstraw rail trail> [West Street, Haverstraw> loop of Haverstraw>] Haverstraw rail trail> Nyack rail trail> North Broadway> Depew St> S Franklin St> Esposito rail trail south*> MC Bridge> Broadway north> or sidewalk if no pedestrians)> Frannklin St> Tarrytown Metro North station(end)

*bear right to stay on the Esposito trail south> Joseph B. Clarke trail> Oak Tree Rd> Piermont Rd/County Rd> Piermont Rd> Magnolia Ave>  Churchill> Summit> Hudson Terrace> GW Bridge> Cabrini(end)

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Hank Schiffman
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B, C
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2 out of 5
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This ride features gravel sections (in fact gravel is the main feature) however, a competent cyclist on 25m tires on a road bike should have no problems. The few steeper sections are short, and can easily be walked.

3 versions are offered:

* a loop of Haverstraw with a loop of Rockland Lake*

* a loop of Haverstraw

* an out and back at the end of the gravel section, with additional gravel:

Plus the basic ride with a return over the GWB, courtesy of Carol Waaser. This comment by her:

"It would add another 3.8 miles of gravel (slightly gnarly in a few short sections).  If you skip the upper loops (Rockland Lake & Haverstraw), the total route would be 41.6 miles to the NY side of the bridge – still perfectly doable for C riders."

Thanks Carol!


Vetrical and distance and RWGPS for all options:

Haverstraw loop option: 33 miles/1300': https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37348938

Just as an out and back: 27 miles/1000': https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37349023

Basic with a return over the GWB: 42/1700': https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37350527


Why you should consider doing this ride:

* It offers a short access to Haverstraw for C riders. Dining opportunities abound. Be sure to secure your bike.

* It grants an easy introduction to gravel riding, with the first section(Nyack trail) flat and manicured. The second section(Haverstraw trail) is woolier: it has vertical but there are no technical features.

* Gravel riders get 10 uninterrupted miles of gravel off a 40 minute express train out of GCT. 

* The Haverstraw trail has elements of being a proto River Road mixed with elements of some of Mohonk's carriage roads. Unlike most of our regional roads, the vegetation has not been invaded by non-native species. This section is a gem.

* The Runcible Spoon is on the route in both directions.

* North Broadway has little motor traffic. It is what Grandview on Hudson would look like if it had more room and better planning.

* 2 historical points of interest: the Edward Hopper House in Nyack, and the site where Benedict Arnold Plotted with Major Andre on the treason of West Point

* It affords an opportunity to traverse the new MC Bridge.

* Water and restrooms opportunites are well spaced.

Note: you might get away with riding the sidewalk along Broadway in Tarrytown if it is clear of pedestrians. Remember to keep in mind that cars can cross the sidewalk.

You will be hard pressed to find a route that has such sharply demarked riding regions. Ride it and you will see what I mean.

HS 8/31/2021

HS 9/17/2021




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