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Dinosaur Playground > GW Bridge > Summit > Churchill > Engle > Hudson Ave > 501 > Rockleigh Rd > 9W > Rockland Rd > Tallman Mt. Park > Piermont Lunch > Piermont Ave > Kings Hwy > Tappan Rd > Knickerbocker > Madison > Jefferson > E. Clinton > Dean > Lydecker > Walnut > Jones Rd > Linden > Palisade > GW Bridge > Dinosaur Playground

Carol Waaser
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2 out of 5
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Ride starts at Dinosaur Playground on Riverside Dr. opposite W. 97th St.  Restrooms are on left.

Easy, pleasant route to Piermont for lunch. The climb up Rockleigh Rd. before lunch is lovely and not difficult. Then go through Tallman Mt. State Park, including a short unpaved road/trail that can easily be done on a road bike. (If the ground is wet, avoid the unpaved section by staying on Rockland Rd. down to Ferdon; then turn right and follow Ferdon into Piermont.) Return route uses Kings Hwy. over to Old Tappan, then Tappan Rd. and Knickerbocker to Madison. Instead of going all the way up Walnut, go to Jones Rd. and Linden to reach Palisade Ave. for a different way up the hill.

NOTE: Spring of 2016, the Community Market in Piermont was closed, making for fewer lunch options: Bunberry, Two Kings Pizza, and the cafe at Piermont Bicycle Connection. Small cafe across from old Market is very slow.

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