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Dana Discovery Center > St. Nicholas Ave > W. 165th St > High Bridge > University Ave > Goulden > Bainbridge/Jerome Ave > McLean > Kimball > Pondfield > Bronxville lunch > Bronx River Rd > McLean > Jerome Ave > W. Gun Hill Rd > John Kieran Nature Trail > Tibbett > Marble Hill > Broadway Bridge > Seaman > Dykman

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1 out of 5
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Ride starts at Dana Discovery Center at the top of Central Park. Restrooms have exterior access starting by 8:00 a.m.

This is a mostly urban route across the High Bridge and through the Bronx up to Bronxville for lunch. Within New York City it's almost all on bike lanes, but there are lots of traffic lights and usually a little broken glass somewhere along the way. This is a very easy, unscary way to get out of Manhattan and thus a good beginner route.

In Bronxville you can try Lange's Deli, although there's not a lot of seating and it can be crowded. Or just around the corner is Il Baccio Pizza and Italian Restaurant with good seating, pizza by the slice, soups, salads and other Italian dishes. Call ahead if you have a big group: (914) 337-4100

Ride officially ends at the A train at Dykman & Broadway to keep it at 25 miles.


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