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Dover, NJ Transit RR Station> Andover> Delaware Water Gap> Port Jervis> High Point, NJ> Pine Island> Warwick> either Peekskill via 17A and 7 Lakes Drive, or Beacon via Goshen Peekskill finish

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Terry Leaves
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5 out of 5
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There is no bailout option in the first 67 miles. 128 miles to Peekskill, 121 miles to Beacon.

"The route contains some steep rollers in the first 20 miles. It's easy to overcook it early on in the ride. Definitely a route I'd recommend with some sort of GPS available as it's around terrain that most of our club doesn't know.

The descent into the Delaware Water Gap was one of the fastest descent I've ridden (55+mph) Birch Ridge Rd is easy to miss as the signpost was not obvious. There might be a couple of crossroads not listed between Andover and the gap. If it wasn't on the cue sheet, continue straight. There isn't much in the way of food or drink in the Gap (although water should be obtainable). Best to fill up at the deli before the gap. It's also worth familiarizing yourself on maps for the bit around Dover station, and the turn at Walpack Rd (3rd direction to PJ). 2 options for end: Peekskill (hilly over 17A - Mt Peter, Hogback, 7 Lakes Drive) find these details as reverse of Port Jervis ride in Ride Library, or Beacon (flatter - Goshen, Sarah Wells, Twin Aches, 207), from Grand take left onto bike path over Beacon Newburgh Bridge and a right on 9D south to sign for Metro North Beacon RR Station."

This might be the longest ride in our Ride Library; it is certainly the most difficult. I included it in the Mid NY South region as well in diffidence to its gravitas.

The RWGPS link ends in Beacon, is this being the official length and vertical for the route. The RWGPS link below Waypoints ends in Peekskill.

The Peekskill finish is 128 miles, 10,900' gain, giving it a ride difficulty rating of 237! Please note that it is backloaded with hills.

Terry did his homework.

HS 3/29/15

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