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Poughkeepsie >  Hudson Valley RT > New Paltz > Springtown Rd (original route only)> Rosendale Trestle > Walkill Valley RT > Binnewater Rd > Hurley Historic District > Dewitt Mills Rd > NY-32 > Hudson Valley RT > Mid-Hudson Bridge (original cue sheet)/High Bridge (RWGPS)> Poughkeepsie
Philip Jeffery
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The Gunks
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2 out of 5
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Hurley was briefly the capital of New York State during the Revolutionary War and has a dense concentration of stone houses from that era.  This shady route visits the charming town of Hurley by way of the Rosendale rail trestle and the cool Joppenbergh ice caves.

Ride With GPS route and cue sheet differs slightly from original cue sheet. RWGPS altered to stay on rail trail both starting in New Paltz and ending over High Bridge in Poughkeepsie

Route starts and ends at Poughkeepsie Metro-North station.  Check train times.

HS 3/16/15

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