Reservoirs and Rollers: Cold Spring to Peekskill

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Cold Spring Metro North railroad platform (start)> Rt 301> Sagamore Dr > Ninham Rd> Rt 301> Gipsy Trail> Nichols St> Lakshore Dr> Ludingtonville Rd> Mooney Hlll Rd> Bullet Hole Rd> Fair St> Putnam Rail Trail> Drewville Rd> Stebbins Rd> Croton Falls Rd, Lake Mahopac> Rt 6> Tomahawk St> Pine Bridges Rd> Rt 129> Gate House Bridge> Croton Dam Rd> Illington Rd> Spring Valley Rd> Quaker Ridge Rd> cross New Croton Dam> Batten Rd> S & W Mt Airy Rds> Furnance Dock Rd> Southbound Peekskill Metro North railroad plattorm (end)

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Terry Leaves
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A, B
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5 out of 5
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Thanks to Bob Schmon for submitting this route, popular with the A STS set. It covers a lot of ground and goes up and down. 

If you are running late for your train back at Peekskill, you can take a right at mile 79.4 onto Washington St, where W Mt Airy becomes Furnace Dock, and follow Washington to a left on Hudson Ave in Peekskill. You will see a sign there directing you to the train station. 

Ron Roth submitted 2 variations of this route: 

Reservoirs and Rollers with Peekskill Start, harder ending (optional - easily avoided by taking a right on 129 from the Dam and going directly to Mt. Airy or Colabaugh Pond:

The Peekskill version with an easier finish:


Should you have time, have food and ale at either the Peekskill Brewery or the Taco Dive Bar before your train home. And raise a toast to Terry.

HS 4/23/2020

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