Access to Hempstead Harbor Woods Mountain Bike Park from LIRR

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General Information
Way Points: 

Port Washington LIRR terminal (start) > Main Street, Port Washington> Beacon Hill Road > Roslyn West Shore Road> Hempstead Harbor Woods

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Sylvain Brunel
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Long Island, Mountain Biking
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Difficulty Rating: 
3 out of 5

Easy peasy. Less than an hour on the LIRR out of NY Penn Station; you don't have to change at Jamaica. You do need a Metro North Bike Pass, otherwise the only thing standing between the terminal at Port Washington and interesting singletrack at Hempstead Harbor Woods is a 207' climb and descent. The highest point in the climb is akin to the highest point in Manhattan. Not to break out in a sweat; the grade is manageable, and you are on a mountain bike. 

Trails at Hempstead Harbor Woods are first rate. Mike Vitti, who designed and built them took the best he found around the world as inspiration and used them to build this gem. Hats off to Mike and his crew. You can support his effort by joining CLIMB.

These trails are all about quick switchbacks, drops and ascents of short verticals. There are technical trails and those that flow. Perhaps the way to envision the landscape is to take Cunningham Park and have it redesigned by a cutting edge mind. 

No cue sheet. Why bother?

HS 9/ 13/2020 

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