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General Information
Way Points: 

Boathouse, Central Park (start) > Summit > East Clinton > Hardenburg > Oradell > East Saddle River > Spook Rock Road > The Orchards > Strawtown > Western Highway > 501 > Walnut > NW corner Central Park(finish)

Spencer Koromilas, John Vasquez
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New Jersey/Rockland County
Difficulty Rating: 
3 out of 5
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The name refers to a clockwise ride to The Orchards. Lunch is in Saddle River. Please note that a rest stop on return is at The Orchards (duh) on the corner of Rt 45 and South Mtn Rd but this is not marked on the original cue sheet.

There is a gradual ascent up both Saddle River Rds but you will scarcely notice it due to the wonderful route.

Be mindful to stop at the bottom of the descent from The Orchards on S Mtn Rd.

Optional stop in W Nyack on the return, also unmarked.

HS 3/22/15

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