River Road, Saddle River, Bear Mountain, Peekskill

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NJ side of GW Bridge (start)> 9w> Hillside Ave> Oradell Av> E Saddle River Rd> Rt 202, Mt Ivy(David's Bagel's )> Willow Grove Rd> Rt 210> Bulsontown Rd> Mott Farm Rd> 9W> 7 Lakes Dr> Perkins> Bear Mtn Bridge> Anthony's Nose> Peekskill (end)

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Gerald Seppey
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New Jersey/Rockland County
A, B
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3 out of 5
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Created a couple of years ago for the A STS. 

It’s an scenic way up from the city to Bear Mountain and Peekskill mostly avoiding 9W. 

It starts with River Road, then goes straight west via Hardenburgh, Haworth, Soldier Hill to take E Saddle River North. After a stop at David’s Bagel it continues North on Thiells, Bulsontown, Mott Farm Rd, 9W to reach the bottom of Bear Mountain at South Entrance, enabling the complete climb from the river to the top of Perkins. It finally ends in Peekskill. 

This can be a popular option with only one train ride required.


HS 3/20/15

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