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Westport RR Station (start)> 136> 59> 25> 34> 67> 199> 47> 109> 202> 45> 7> 4> 343> 44> 57> 82> 13> 14> 115> 44/55> Poughkeepsie RR Station (end)


Carl Kulo
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5 out of 5
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Map on page 2. Long Island Sound to the Hudson River, but from distant railroad stations. You can't say that every day! Metro North bike pass needed. Check train schedules for current times. Possible bail out in Wassaic, near Sharon, CT. But this train runs every other hour. The cue sheet can sometimes be difficult to follow. Here are some observations: "I think 136 ends in a "T". You go right and then 57 will be a bear left." "I don't think there was any marking or direction change when you are on Botsford Hill Rd, I think you just run into Toddy Hill Rd. However, when you are in the first tenths of a mile on Botsford Hill Rd you go under a overpass and the road bears left then there is a cemetery on the left with a gravestone with the name Botsford on it!" "Purchase Brook Rd begins by climbing. The continuation on Brown Brook Rd is to the left. " "The worst offender was definitely that split on Calhoun where 109 goes left. Should have that listed as "CS - Calhoun (when 109 goes left)"; that would be much more clear. There were a few other spots where he listed turns that didn't exist (ie like Toddy Hill; Btw - I saw that gravestone you mentioned. It does help assure you that you are on the right road)." However, this is a wonderful and unusual ride with a wide variety of terrain, which you would normally need to see in 2 or 3 different rides. Hats off to Carl.

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